Prior Authorization Final Rule: Tactics to Fight Back and Win

Length: 90 Minutes Expert: Osato Chitou, Esq. MPH CEU: 1.5

You can fight back against the burden of prior authorizations without compromising your patient care or practice’s reimbursement – with a little help.

CMS recently finalized the Interoperability and Prior Authorization Final Rule. This Final Rule establishes payor requirements to streamline the prior authorization process. This impacts Medicare, commercial Medicare Advantage, and other federally qualified plans. It is imperative that your practice is prepared for these changes, and there are things you can do right now that will help.

Healthcare attorney and compliance expert Osato Chitou, Esq., MPH, can provide you with actionable strategies that you can use to cut through the red tape of prior authorizations. During Osato’s 90-minute online training, she will share the strategies your practice needs to speed up prior authorization approvals and boost reimbursement, starting today.

Below are just a few of the plain-English, time-saving prior authorization tactics you’ll receive by attending this 90-minute online training:

  • Master “expedited” & “urgent” prior authorization qualifications to speed payments
  • Utilize a tried-and-true checklist to overturn prior authorization denials
  • Cut prior authorization time killers with streamlined formatting tips
  • Pin down payor response timelines to boost prior authorization approvals
  • Speed up reimbursement with insurer-specific prior authorization processes
  • Uncover the most common denial triggers and how to combat them
  • Avoid prior authorization pitfalls that will get your Medicare Advantage claims denied
  • Implement prior authorization audits to identify and plug efficiency leaks
  • And much, much more

Originally focused on the costliest types of care, prior authorizations now apply to even mundane medical encounters. You can’t afford to let your patients sacrifice these necessary services, nor can you withstand the lost revenue they provide. This expert-led online training will help you improve the care you provide and the rightful compensation you receive.

Your only hope to continue collecting under the updated regulations is to implement these proven tactics now.  Register for Osato’s online training today!

Meet Your Expert

Osato Chitou
Esq. MPHFounder and Principal Consultant of NMOC Healthcare Compliance Consulting, LLC

Osato F. Chitou, Esq., MPH is the Founder and Principal Consultant of NMOC Healthcare Compliance Consulting, LLC, d/b/a Compli by Osato which provides legal and compliance advisory services to Payors and Providers in receipt of Government Healthcare Funds. Ms. Chitou has a deep understanding of Government Healthcare Programs and focuses her services on Medicare and Medicaid Conditions of Participation, Private Equity backed Physician Groups, Payor Contracting, and Effective Compliance Programs.

She is a subject matter expert in Medicare DSNP, CSNP, ISNP, MMP, and PACE regulatory requirements. She presents nationally on issues related to Medicare Advantage risk adjustment, compliance requirements, and best practices related to operationalizing compliance. Ms. Chitou received her BA in Biological Anthropology from Boston University, her MPH from the University of North Carolina – Greensboro and her JD from Rutgers School of Law. Ms. Chitou is admitted to practice Law in New York, New Jersey, and the Supreme Court of the United States.


I thought it was eye opening to my position as prior authorization specialist and has given me the tools to help our organization.
Alicia Sipko
Universal Primary Care
Great information and presenter. Osato did a wonderful job with the material and made it easy to follow along. Very relevant and current information.
Cristina Linder
Financial Manager, Eye Surgical Associates
Excellent presentation! Well summarized and gave a great way to approach the authorization process.
Audrey Dahan
Billing Manager, Lindenberg Cancer & Hematology Center