Untangle Complex Rural Health Clinic Billing Rules to Get Paid More

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Martie Ross, JD CEU: 1.0

Effective January 1, the independent rural health clinic (RHC) all-inclusive rate will increase to $139 per visit – but you are not guaranteed to receive this higher rate.

To qualify for this additional reimbursement, you must document specific criteria that meet the RHC definition of “visit” — and those criteria may surprise you. It’s imperative that you know what qualifies as a rural health clinic visit, what you must document, how you need to submit claims, and the billing timelines you have to meet. That’s in addition to mastering RHC payment for telehealth, care management services, vaccines, and other services.

This is where nationally recognized healthcare consultant Martie Ross, JD, can help. Martie will present a 60-minute online training to help you comply with these complex rural health clinic billing rules. The goal of this event is to make it as easy as possible for you to collect every penny you’re due for the rural health clinic services you provide.

Here are just a few of the rural health clinic billing compliance strategies you’ll receive during Martie’s online training:

  • Definitively identify which RHC visit services qualify and which fall short
  • Avert issues when reporting telehealth vs. in-person rural health clinic services
  • Pin down how to correctly bill and get paid for non-RHC services
  • Evaluate whether you can bill outpatient CPT codes in an RHC setting
  • Untangle rural health clinic staffing and productivity standards
  • Determine when multiple RHC patient visits should be billed together or separated
  • Discern when to collect coinsurance and deductibles and when to avoid it
  • Determine which providers must be present at the RHC date of service
  • And much, much more…

WARNING: Medicare and Medicaid enhance your rural health clinic reimbursement. Because of this, auditors are paying close attention to your RHC claims. The problem is that rural health clinic billing rules are complex and not quite in line with most fee-for-service guidelines. This means it’s easy to make mistakes. Auditors know this and are just waiting to jump in and take back the money they previously paid.

Even though rural health clinic billing rules are complex, you can master these unique guidelines and collect more of the pay you deserve more quickly.

By attending this expert-led online training, you can more easily, effectively and ethically maximize your rural health clinic’s revenue. Don’t wait, Sign up today!

Meet Your Expert

Martie Ross

Martie is a principal with PYA, a national health care consultancy, and serves as the director of the firm’s Center for Rural Health Advancement.  Following a successful two-decade career as a health care regulatory and transactional attorney, Martie now serves as a trusted advisor for providers navigating the ever-expanding maze of health care regulations.

Her deep and wide understanding of new payment and delivery systems and public payer initiatives is an invaluable resource for providers seeking to strategically position their organizations for the future.