Proven Tactics to Boost Your Outsourced Billing Reimbursement

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Even slight changes in how you manage your medical billing vendor relationship can seriously increase your claims’ reimbursement and decrease your financial and legal risk.

This is where practice management expert and consultant, Owen Dahl, LFACHE, CHBC, LSSMBB, can help. During this online training, Owen will show you exactly how to more successfully work with an outsource medical billing service to get more of your claims ethically paid. Having run both a medical practice and a billing company, Owen has the inside scoop on how to get better results from your outside billing vendor, all while reducing your compliance risk.

Here are just a few of the questions you’ll get answered by attending this 60-minute online training to help you more closely scrutinize your outsourced medical billing vendor data, reduce your risk and improve your financial results:

  • How can you quickly identify erroneous claim write offs and get them paid?
  • When can a billing vendor’s error result in you being fined for a No Surprise’s Act violation?
  • What reports should you require your billing vendor to provide to you?
  • When should you have a Business Associate Agreement with your billing vendor?
  • How can you be sure your claims are being processed correctly?
  • Which key performance indicators are most likely to reduce your claim write offs?
  • How can you terminate a billing vendor contract with the least risk exposure?
  • How can you avoid accountability for a billing vendor HIPAA error?
  • How can you get your billing vendor to work on your most difficult claims?
  • And so many more…

IMPORTANT: Even though the majority of your claims are relatively easy to process, it’s the outlier claims that typically cause problems. The added time and effort these outlier claims take to manage and get paid means that outsourced medical billing companies tend to push them under the carpet, and ultimately, they get written off (and you don’t get paid). Owen’s online training will show you how to avoid this and so much more.

Contracting with an outsource medical billing company to process your practice’s claims may seem like it saves you time and money, but if not done correctly, it can cost you thousands. Register for this online training to get the proven tactics you need to better manage your outside billing vendor relationship, reduce your risk and get more of your claims paid.

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Meet Your Expert

Owen Dahl
LFACHE, CHBC, LSSMBBPrincipal of Owen Dahl Consulting

Owen is a principal of Owen Dahl Consulting, in The Woodlands, Texas. He has 53 years of experience in consulting, running a medical billing service and managing medical practices. He was also a hospital administrator. Owen speaks across the country on medical practice issues related to strategic planning, Lean and Six Sigma, culture, human resource management and the revenue cycle.

He is an adjunct professor at the University of New Orleans, the author of Think Business – Medical practice quality, efficiency and profit, contributing author of the popular book Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice and recently published Integration of Behavioral Health Into Medical Homes: A Rapid Implementation Guide. Owen received his Bachelor’s degree in Hospital Administration at Concordia College, Moorhead, MN and his Master’s from the University of Northern Colorado. He recently achieved his Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt through Villanova University. He served in the USAF.