Master Provider Credentialing/Enrollment Online Site Requirements

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Tracey Tokheim

Keeping up with the numerous online provider credentialing and enrollment services (PECOS, CAQH, NPPES, NPI) you’re required to use is enough to give anyone a massive headache. There always seems to be a new hoop you are required to jump through to ensure your provider credentialing is accurate and current.

Getting it wrong really isn’t an option. Just one simple mistake can have dire consequences. Your providers could lose their hospital privileges, get kicked off of insurance panels, and have their reimbursement stopped – for Medicare and private payers.

But how are you supposed to keep up with everything else on your plate?

There is a way, credentialing and enrollment expert Tracey Tokheim is going to show you how. During her 60-minute online training session, Tracey will walk you through the top online provider credentialing and enrollment sites (PECOS, CAQH, NPPES, NPI), pinpoint the most common errors, and then show you how to avoid them. She will help you make your provider credentialing process more accurate and less stressful – the first time.

Here are several of the plain-English, easy-to-implement provider credentialing and enrollment tactics you’ll receive by attending this 60-minute online training:

  • Avoid top credentialing site roadblocks and keep your providers in good standing
  • Master what form goes with what system to make provider credentialing easier
  • Get new providers to see patients and receive payments more quickly
  • Avoid rejections from CAQH and NPPES websites with simple tactic
  • Stop delayed payer payments for out-of-date NPI number
  • Stop CAQH profile errors and accurately revise your provider profiles
  • Navigate the NPPES site changes quickly and easily the first time
  • Use other provider credentialing databases to make your life easier
  • And so much more…

Mastering the various provider credentialing and enrollment site requirements is essential to your practice’s continued success and compliance. You CAN more accurately and successfully manage the nuances of the various online provider credentialing and enrollment sites (PECOS, CAQH, NPPES, NPI) with the proven tactics you’ll learn during this online training.

The constant changes, confusing language, and importance of getting your provider credentialing and enrollment right the first time makes this online training session a must-attend. Don’t wait, sign up today!

Meet Your Expert

Tracey TokheimSenior Director, Aperture Credentialing, LLC

Tracey is a recognized leader known for crafting strategic vision to achieve business goals through the development and execution of process efficiency, out-of-the box thinking, and key management partnerships.

While serving as a Product Line Senior Director with Aperture Credentialing, LLC, Tracey has achieved a strong customer collaboration to secure customer commitment to efficient provider enrollment/credentialing and the use of our products to get to a very efficient process.

Tracey’s career is comprised of over fifteen years management experience and over ten years project management execution while being recognized by staff for exceptional customer focus and employee recognition opportunity as “One of our Best” nominated by employees and leaders.

Tracey has dedicated her adult career to health care organizations experiencing process failure and been a part of achieving process success, execution successful implementation of training and process change, and leaves a mark as a leader by example.

Tracey holds a Master’s in Business Administration and Project Management and donates time and dollars to help children play sports who otherwise cannot afford it.    She also has a passion for the outdoors while spending time with family and on her Harley.  Tracey lives in Minnesota hence being outdoors is a love and a must.  Even in the cold!!!


The webinar was very organized and provided great visual information! The speaker was personable and provided great knowledge.
Darla Stokely
Front Office Supervisor, Central Dermatology Center