Speed Up Payer Credentialing/Enrollment Responses & Approvals

Length: 75 Minutes Expert: Olga Khabinskay, MBA

Getting payers to respond to your enrollment and credentialing questions can seem impossible. It is like they are holding your application hostage (along with the reimbursement it will bring), but it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are steps you can take to get your enrollment applications through the system more quickly and get a faster response from payers regarding your credentialing questions. You just need a roadmap of how to get through. With it your new provider applications will get approved more quickly, you’ll actually get a response to your credentialing questions, and you’ll avoid reimbursement delays that these roadblocks bring.

Credentialing expert Olga Khabinskay, MBA, will provide you with this payer roadmap during her online training. By attending Olga’s training, you’ll receive a step-by-step plan to help you more successfully communicate with payers. You’ll learn how to follow up on your payer applications more effectively (starting from day one). You’ll also receive proven tools and tactics to get your credentialing questions escalated and answered to ensure there are no interruptions in your reimbursement.

Here are just a few of the proven, easy-to-implement payer credentialing and enrollment communication strategies that you’ll receive by attending this 75-minute online training:

  • Set up a timeline that will push your enrollment application to the top
  • Get payers to respond fast with proven insider language
  • Stop claim denials, get credentialing hold ups overturned
  • Ferret out the people actually working your case so you can get real answers
  • Avoid loss of provider privileges due credentialing info holes
  • Determine when you should and shouldn’t involve an attorney in the process
  • Pinpoint when it is really worth your time to contact payers, and when you should wait
  • Implement strategies that are proven to speed up provider enrollment applications
  • Prevent lost enrollment applications with the right tracking tools
  • Identify when to contact payer credentialing or enrollment staff
  • Proven tactics to eliminate red tape in provider enrollment snags
  • Overcome technological issues when you’re tracking enrollment applications
  • And so much more…

During this must-attend online training, Olga will show you how to identify the payer reps actually working on your file and provide you with proven strategies to get them to respond to your inquiries. You’ll receive an easy-to-implement plan to get your credentialing questions answered and your enrollment applications approved. The payer tactics you’ll learn during this training will help keep your providers in good standing and keep your reimbursement flowing.

You can take back control of your credentialing and enrollment payer challenges. This training will help you get your provider enrollments approved more quickly, and make sure your payer credentialing questions get answered. Don’t wait, register for this expert-led, 75-minute online training today (access is limited).

Meet Your Expert

Olga Khabinskay
MBAChief Operating Officer with WCH Service Bureau

Olga has over 12 years or experience in provider credentialing, contract negotiations, controlling the work procedures of the billing department and in-depth understanding of general routine operations to run successful medical practice.

As COO of WCH Service Bureau, Olga focuses on helping doctors improve their practice operations including medical office billing, coding, physician credentialing and marketing.

Prior to joining WCH, Olga was an assistant manager at a medical office for five years, where she handled patient care, reimbursement needs and contract issues. As a result, she is highly trained and experienced in HIPPA regulations, insurance networking, client relations and legal practice issues.