Avoid Paying Back Any of Your COVID-19 Emergency Relief Money

Length: 90 Minutes Expert: Kristyn DeFilipp, Esq.

Your HHS numbers MUST tell your IDEAL revenue and expense story, or you’ll risk paying back thousands of dollars.

The newest HHS Phase 3 Funding and reporting instructions add tricky financial accrual options and statement requirements that are designed to trip you up. The government is giving you another ‘FREE’ lunch; giving you more funds and tying provider emergency relief reporting to your taxes.

The good news is that you can cover more of your coronavirus prevention, preparation, and response costs. But your operating costs and expenses reports must demonstrate the full impact that COVID-19 had on your practice. And unless you’re a numbers’ wizard, there’s a very real chance that your documentation could instead increase your tax and repayment obligations.

That’s where healthcare attorney, Kristyn DeFilipp, Esq. can help. During her 90-minute online training, Kristyn will provide you with step-by-step guidance on how you can be approved for HHS provider relief funding and report your 2020 earnings in a way that allows you to hold onto all the money you deserve.

Here are just a few of the HHS Provider Relief Fund application and reporting tactics you’ll receive by attending this online training:

  • Proven operating revenue and expenses documentation tips that deliver more funds, fraud-free
  • Determine whether a cash or accrual set of books helps your practice the most
  • Understand how your patient care revenue can increase your tax obligations
  • Decide when you should treat owner compensation as an expense
  • Identify what quarterly earnings comparisons cover your FULL COVID-19 impact
  • Get money before it runs out, start pre-application Optum ID and TIN verification steps now
  • Pinpoint optimal way to report provider compensation to reduce your COVID-19 annual losses
  • How to handle delayed physician bonuses so your expenses aren’t artificially inflated
  • Understand what patient care expenses are allowed for a medical practice
  • Capture every eligible loss including write-offs, surgery cancellations, and 1099 contractors
  • Keep your money interest free, create a plan that fully spends your allowed funds
  • Determine if you qualify for the brand-new general distribution funding
  • Ensure HHS timely processes your payment, pin down the application requirements you must meet
  • Stop application delays and denials by avoiding the most common form errors
  • Secure funding for new providers and recently opened practices that are finally eligible
  • Handy reminders to meet your reporting obligations, including all new timelines
  • Keep you loan interest-free, identify all taxable HHS funds and lost revenue attributable to COVID-19
  • And much, much more!

Who should attend? This training session is essential for every medical practice regardless of whether you treat COVID-19 patients or not as it provides you with the EXACT steps you MUST take to avoid paying back any of your received emergency relief funding. By attending this session, you’ll know the plans and training you must have in place to quickly receive, spend, and report costs and expenses, so you KEEP ALL OF YOUR MONEY.

Your practice is depending on you to do all you can to help it survive the chaos of 2020. This online session will help you secure money to pay employees, rent, or help with COVID-19 related expenses. And you won’t have to repay these funds, because you will optimally record them.

Don’t risk missing out on attaining and keeping the funds you need for your practice’s financial security. Sign up for this online training session today!

Meet Your Expert

Kristyn DeFilipp

Kristyn DeFilipp’s litigation practice focuses on healthcare adjacent disputes, complex commercial litigation, and labor and employment issues.

Kristyn’s experience is wide-ranging, and includes matters before state and federal courts, administrative agencies, and arbitrators. Kristyn focuses on strategic and cost-effective solutions for business disputes, and enjoys working closely with clients to determine the best course of action to achieve their goals. She counsels clients in every phase of litigation, from pre-dispute discussions to mediation, through trials, arbitrations and appeals. Kristyn has significant trial experience in state and federal courts, as well as administrative agencies.

Kristyn litigates complex matters including disputes related to: healthcare regulation and reimbursement; commercial contracts and licensing; trade secrets and non-competition agreements; compliance with FDA quality system regulations and current good manufacturing practices; closely held corporations; products liability and mergers and acquisitions. She regularly advises clients in the life sciences, high tech and healthcare industries, including multi-national corporations, early stage companies, health care providers and trade associations, as well as clients in the education sector.

Kristyn also advises and represents corporations in all aspects of labor and employment law. Kristyn is experienced in defending clients against discrimination, harassment, and wage and hour lawsuits. She has experience in labor arbitrations involving unions, including disputes involving just cause termination and organizing campaigns. In addition, Kristyn provides advice to clients on all employment-related topics.

Kristyn plays an active role in internal firm matters. She co-chairs the firm’s Women’s Forum, and sits on the firm’s Hiring Committee and Working Group on Associate Development and Retention. She is also active in the firm’s pro bono program. Her pro bono practice is varied, and includes litigating issues related to civil rights, such as fair housing, restraining orders for protection against abuse for victims of domestic violence; special education matters; immigration matters; and claims for veterans benefits. Kristyn previously served as a Special Assistant District Attorney for Norfolk County, where she represented the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in all stages of criminal prosecutions, including bench and jury trials.

Kristyn is passionate about the advancement of women in the workplace. In addition to her role as Women’s Forum co-chair, she participates in the firm’s Women’s Mentoring Circles. Outside of the office, she serves as a Commissioner on the Melrose Commission on Women.