Cut Dental No Shows: Keep Your Schedule Full & Revenue Flowing

Date: Thursday, June 13, 2024 3:00PM EST Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Kristie Kapp, RDH

All it takes is for a couple of patients a week to not show or late cancel their appointment with your dental practice for you to lose a minimum of $52,000 a year. Really.

Even though you probably already have a no-show and late cancellation policy at your practice, there are a million ways it can get you into trouble.

The challenge is in how you choose to combat the problem of missed appointments. If you’re too aggressive with your no-show policy and fail to comply with government and payer rules, you can end up paying hefty violation penalties. However, if your actions are too lax, you can destroy your daily schedule and cause your dental practice to lose tens of thousands in revenue each year.

Unfortunately, putting an end to every single patient no-show and late cancel is impossible. However, you can significantly reduce their occurrences and stop them from wrecking your dental practice’s profitability – with a little help.

That’s where dental practice management expert Kristie Kapp, RDH comes in. During her upcoming online training event on Thursday, June 13th at 3:00 pm ET, Kristie will walk you through EXACTLY how to significantly reduce the number of patients at your dental practice that no show and late cancel. This training will help you keep your schedule full and your dental practice’s revenue flowing.

Check out just a few of the easy-to-implement no-show management strategies specific to dental practices you’ll master during this 60-minute session:

  • Communicate your no-show fee policy without ticking off patients
  • Implement patient relationship tactics that reduce last-minute cancellations
  • Make sure your no-show policy complies with both state laws and insurance regulations
  • Proven scripts to help staff more successfully explain your no-show policy to patients
  • Get your no-show policy to sink in with patients without hitting them over the head
  • Protect your practice by documenting vital elements of patient no-show history
  • Add more ways your patients can contact your practice to avoid surprise schedule holes
  • And so much more…

Patients who simply fail to show up for their appointments or cancel at the last minute can devastate your dental practice’s schedule, revenue, and profitability. Your practice’s survival depends on you getting paid every single dollar you are due, and this upcoming expert-led online training can help.

Although you can’t eliminate every single patient no-show and cancellation, you can stop hemorrhaging money when they occur. By attending this 60-minute online training, your dental practice will reduce the occurrences patients no show and late cancel, make sure your policies are compliant, and significantly decrease the losses these missed appointments cause.

To ensure an optimal experience for all attendees, space to this live online training is limited. To guarantee your access, please sign up today.

Meet Your Expert

Kristie Kapp

With three decades of dental experience, including 20 years of assisting and hygiene clinical practice, she was also a CEO of a multi-location group practice. For the last 20 years Kristie Kapp, RDH, has been coaching dental teams in the systems and strategies that increase production while enhancing patient care, unifying team members, and reducing everyone’s stress.

With an emphasis on increasing doctor and hygiene production, soft tissue management, team motivation/bonus models, and team meetings, participants will see the path and develop a plan for generating a thriving business through practice metrics and systems.