CMS Staff Vaccination Mandate: Cut Through Confusion & Comply

Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2022 1:00PM ET Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Bryan Meek, Esq.

BREAKING NEWS: The Supreme Court ruled on Jan. 13 that practices that accept Medicare and Medicaid payments MUST comply with the employee vaccine mandate.

Half the battle of complying with the new CMS COVID vaccine mandate for your employees is determining if you are required to adhere to these new rules or not. And it is essential that you get it right.

If your practice is required to comply with the new CMS COVID vaccine mandate requirements, and you don’t, you can face significant penalties, or even be stripped of your Medicare provider status (that means no future Medicare revenue). The good news is that there is a way for you to break through the confusion and figure out once and for all your obligation to comply with government vaccination requirements.

On Wednesday, January 26th at 1pm ET, during a 60-minute online training session, you’ll get expert insight that will walk you through the aspects of each area of law this mandate effects. Nationally recognized healthcare attorney, Bryan Meek, Esq., will break down the new CMS COVID vaccine mandate requirements into plain English, and help you determine whether your practice is required to comply. And if so, the specifics on exactly what you are required to do.

Here are just a few of the practical, step-by-step CMS COVID vaccine mandate compliance questions you’ll get answered during this upcoming expert-led online training:

  • Are you required to comply with new CMS’ employee COVID vaccination rules?
  • If work-from-home employees come into the office monthly, must they comply?
  • What should be included in the employee roster you are required to keep?
  • What are the compliance dates/deadlines for implementation?
  • What is the difference between exemptions and exceptions?
  • Is testing an option for employees that don’t want to be vaccinated?
  • How does CMS define fully vaccinated? Are boosters required?
  • If testing is allowed, how often must it be done, and what recordkeeping is required?
  • Are seasonal, temporary or locum tenens employees required to comply as well?
  • Who is required to pay for testing, you, or your employees?
  • What actions are you required to take if an employee tests positive for COVID?
  • Are you required to pay for staff travel, gas or other expenses related to vaccination?
  • If an employee has proof that they have antibodies, is vaccination still required?
  • What type of documentation do you need to justify religious and medical exemptions?
  • Do you need to report into CMS regarding your employees’ vaccination statuses?
  • Is your practice required to have a written COVID employee vaccination policy?
  • What EEOC and ADA requirements should you be cautious of?
  • If you deny an exemption request, can you be sued for discrimination?
  • How long do you need to keep employee records regarding their vaccination statuses?
  • And so much more…

IMPORTANT: This training will also provide a high-level overview of state laws related to COVID employee vaccination requirements. Also, along with this training, you will receive a *state-level breakdown tool that provides you with the up-to-date status of each state’s healthcare vaccination requirements, their date of implementation and a link that allows you to research these requirements further.

CMS has made it clear that regardless of your state or other government agency compliance requirements, if you are required to comply with their rules and don’t, you will put your future Medicare reimbursement at risk. Don’t take a chance. Register for this upcoming expert-led CMS COVID vaccine mandate online training today to cut through the confusion of these complex mandates and figure out once and for all your compliance obligations. Don’t wait, sign up today.

P.S. Due to the confusion surrounding these new CMS COVID vaccine mandate requirements, access to the live version of this training will be kept to a minimum to ensure you have an opportunity to get your specific questions answered. Accordingly, to secure your live access to this online training, it is recommended that you register right away.

*Bonus tool will be provided with the presentation handouts via email just before the live session.

Meet Your Expert

Bryan Meek
Esq.Attorney at Brennan, Manna & Diamond

Bryan Meek, Esq., is an Attorney in Brennan, Manna & Diamond’s Health Law Department and Labor & Employment Department. Bryan counsels health industry clients on contract disputes, Board investigations and suspensions, and compliance plans. When employment matters rise to the level of litigation, Bryan leverages his substantial experience to defend his clients against these actions, including contract disputes, discrimination allegations, and other employment matters in court.  Should a labor dispute arise, Bryan defends his clients before arbitrators.

Bryan’s healthcare expertise extends into fraud and abuse disputes, credentialing, and certification. He has a proven track record in government and private payor appeals and disputes, including audits, administrative appeals, and negotiations.