Patient Flow: Eliminate Logjams and Boost Revenue

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Larry Brooks, AIA

It may not sound very sexy, but making changes to your patient flow can have some dramatic results. It can give your providers more time to see patients, bring in more money, increase patient satisfaction, boost referrals and ultimately your financial bottom line. You can make all this happen quicker and easier than you thought possible, with a little help…

That’s where patient flow expert, Larry Brooks, AIA, comes in. During his training session, he will show you exactly what’s required for you to streamline your patient flow and increase your reimbursement.

Don’t let your provider lose focus on what their time is worth. Every aspect of your patients’ visits needs to be assessed to determine how best to streamline your processes and better utilize your provider’s time. Just imagine if you were able to free up enough time for your provider to see one additional patient a day – and not be rushed. If your office visit fee is $150, you’ve just added approximately $35,000 per year to your bottom line.

Here are just a few of the possible patient flow modifications you’ll be able implement after completing this practical, step-by-step training session:

  • Conduct an easy time study to identify biggest flow problems, then fix them
  • Eliminate long patient waits and logjams with simple communication tool
  • Increase patient volume by eliminated doctor down time
  • Better track doctor productivity to determine staffing and appointment template needs
  • Identify patient flow issues with proven checklist of indicators
  • Stop misused provider time and boost revenue
  • Accurately staff to handle busy trends and keep everyone happy
  • And so much more…

Although you can’t always control how much a carrier pays you, or the amount of paperwork required to comply with a regulation, in many instances, you can control and improve your patient flow. The only way to survive, as healthcare reimbursement and regulations are going crazy, is to change. What worked 5 years ago may not work now. And being stuck in a rut is sure to have you losing patients and money.

Making changes to your patient flow doesn’t have to be expensive or take hundreds of hours. By completing this training session, you can improve your entire patient flow process and your overall success. Don’t wait, order today.


Meet Your Expert

Larry Brooks
AIAPresident, Practice Flow Solutions

Larry Brooks is an architect, President of Practice Flow Solutions and widely known as an expert in improving the flow patterns of medical practices. Larry’s career specializing in helping private practices and institutions improve the flow of their healthcare environments began after graduating from Southern Polytechnic State University in 1990 with a degree in Architectural Engineering.

The expertise Larry has developed during his focused career has allowed him to help thousands of doctors see patients on time while at the same time increase the number of patients they are seeing, calm flow patterns of practices to improve the quality of work life for the doctors and staff, while improving the experience for the patient.

Larry’s wealth of knowledge and unique approach has led to him being often asked to author or contribute to articles in many publications, as well as teach courses at local and national meetings.


Great tips - got me thinking of other issues besides scheduling templates.
Betsy Noxon
Administrator, The Foot & Ankle Treatment Center