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2021 ICD-10-CM Code Breakdown

The 2021 ICD-10-CM code updates contain nearly 600 changes (490 new, 58 deleted, 47 revised codes). Save time combing through the hundreds of changes. Download your free chapter-by-chapter breakdown to speed your transition.

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Boost Practice Success with COVID-19 Practical Game Plan

With school openings, influenza coming, and coronavirus vaccine glimpses, your practice has a lot to handle during the Autumn months and into 2021. Planning your best approach and encouraging your employees to stay strong through the fall is even TOUGHER than usual.

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Prevent OSHA Fines, Pinpoint the Protective Gear Your Staff Needs

Your front desk and back end staff have totally different exposure risks than your technicians and providers. So there’s no need to make them all wear the same gear to protect them from COVID-19 – and your practice from fines and lawsuits if you know how.

COVID-19 Employee: Accurately Respond with Intake Template

Bottom Line: You are required to immediately record and file your employee’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis to comply with new State and Federal employment rules – and this template guides you step-by-step through the required intake and reporting stipulations.

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Boost COVID-19 Testing Pay with Full CPT and ICD-10-CM Coding

New COVID-19 coding rules allow you to get paid $23 for swabbing with CPT code 99211. However, you must cut through confusing testing encounter options to compliantly gain this pay.

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Protect Your Practice with Proven COVID-19 Infection Control Protocols

Implementing the WRONG COVID-19 practice disinfection protocols can leave your patients and staff unprotected and your finances depleted. But there are proven actions that will protect your practice.

Avert Lawsuit When Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

Your protocols must protect your practice’s safety in the increasingly probable event that an employee tests positive for the coronavirus. But you must NOT infringe on multiple federal and state laws – or you could end up battling an expensive legal claim.

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Practical Solutions to Boost Employee Performance During COVID-19

With COVID-19 workplace disruptions and changes, your employees are facing more challenges than ever before. This makes managing your staff even TOUGHER than usual.

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Get Your Practice Back to “Normal” Post COVID-19

Your practice has survived what everyone hopes is the worst of the pandemic – so now what? Join Dr. Siddiqui and Mr. Dahl to get proven strategies to ramp up your practice successfully.

Stop COVID-19 Spread at Your Practice, Experts Tell You How

To make infection control easier, safer and less stressful for you, your staff and your patients use the expert strategies provided in this handy COVID-19 Protection and Disinfection Checklist.

Telemedicine Coding COVID-19 eGuide

With the COVID-19 outbreak, your practice’s success now depends on your ability to successfully bill and be paid for telemedicine services. If you don’t know where to begin, are holding claims or delaying implementing telemedicine services for fear of a post-emergency audit and penalties STOP RIGHT NOW.

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Expert Strategies to Help Your Practice Survive COVID-19

You are not in this alone. Join Dr. Siddiqui and Mr. Dahl for a no-cost online training where you’ll receive step-by-step expert advice to help you overcome the unprecedented challenges your practice is currently facing during this pandemic.

Boost Your Tele-Services with Consent Letter and Checklist

You can better explain your remote service offerings to your patients and expedite their participation in telehealth and telephone care by utilizing this Patient Consent Checklist and providing them with a Telemedicine Services Consent letter.

Prepare Your Practice to Combat COVID-19 with Safety Checklist

Revamp your communications and practice space to prevent patients from infecting other patients and staff. Use this Practice Prep Checklist to arm your staff—and patients—to safely run your practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Head Off Coronavirus Chaos at Your Practice

During this can’t-miss online training, Dr. Siddiqui and Mr. Dahl will provide you with practice-specific strategies you can implement to survive the day-to-day challenges associated with COVID-19.

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HIPAA vs State Law: Avoid $50K Patient Records Violations

Releasing medical records is a financial and legal nightmare just waiting to happen. Making things more complicated, hospital and physician practice medical record requests are governed by a variety of laws: federal and state.

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4 Answers Support Payment for Vaping Related Claims

Due to the epidemic of vaping related injuries and deaths, two agencies have released ICD-10-CM coding rules. Audits are finding you’re miscoding and omitting required codes. This can cost you delayed, unpaid and unsupported claims.

How to Identify a Service Animal at Your Practice

Before you kick out an animal and risk a $75,000 ADA violation, have front desk staff take two steps. Give them this infographic so they’re ready for the next dog, horse, snake, or parrot that comes in your door.

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Patient No-Show Calculator

Find out if the amount you’re losing on patient no-shows warrants your 2020 focus. Download this user-friendly No-Show Calculator tool, and simply enter your scheduling details to find out the impact they are having on your practice.

2020 Provider Enrollment eGuide

This user-friendly eGuide includes expert advice focusing on terminology you must know and understand, frequently asked questions and answers to the most common and complex scenarios you will encounter, and an application process checklist and flowchart that will allow you to outline and organize your processes every step of the way.

2020 CPT Additions, Revisions and Deletions Summary

Starting January 1, 2020, in order to be reimbursed correctly, and avoid being targeted for a payer audit, it is essential that you review and accurately incorporate ALL relevant 2020 CPT procedural code changes. This free downloadable Excel tool summarizes and breaks down each of the new, deleted and revised codes by section.

Sample Mobile Device Policy for Acceptable Use

Protect your practice with this Sample Mobile Device Policy for Acceptable Use template. You’ll prevent hefty HIPAA violations and fines that could result from the inappropriate use of mobile devices and unsuspected breaches.

Modifier 59 Denial Appeal Letter

This ready-to-go template to appeal modifier 59 denials will save you valuable time. Just copy and paste into a Word file, add the pertinent details, official guidelines and documentation – and your claim appeal can be out the door in less time than you ever imagined.

Modifier 25 Denial Appeal Letter

This ready-to-go template to appeal modifier 25 denials will save you valuable time. Just copy and paste into a Word file, add the pertinent details, official guidelines and documentation – and your claim appeal can be out the door in less time than you ever imagined.

Provider Credentialing Tracking Made Easy

Timely, accurate credentialing is imperative for a practitioner to see patients, bill insurance, and have hospital privileges. Because this can be a lengthy process with a lot of information to manage, your success often hinges on the caliber of the credentialing tools you use. But where can you find an easy-to-use tool that won’t make your head spin?

Front Desk Impressions

Your front desk is the main reason patients leave your practice. Equip your front desk staff with the proven strategies found in this exclusive, printer-ready infographic today to ensure your patients don’t walk out the door for good.

Flow Chart
Incident-to Decision Tree

In one quick and easy flow chart, you’ll be able to determine if a claim should be filed incident-to or not. You’ll gain confidence in your NPP coding, and should see your NPP reimbursement boost and your denials decline.

HIPAA Compliant Employee Termination

Did you know that employees no longer with your practice are a significant driver of government HIPAA complaints, audits and penalties? One way to mitigate your risk from terminated employees, whether they left voluntarily or because you had to fire them, is to institute a termination checklist.

Fire a Patient the Right Way

Incorrectly ending a physician-patient relationship can trigger costly patient abandonment consequences (in both time and money). But, with a little help, you CAN end a patient relationship without the worry of getting accused of wrongdoing, dealing with financial penalties and the stress of defending your actions. Follow these 10 expert steps and protect yourself and your practice today.