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Proven Retention Tactics Stop Your Best Staff from Quitting

The new reality is that your office staff have more employment opportunities available to them than ever before. In many instances they can go somewhere else, have more flexibility and make more money. So, the real question is, why should they stay with you?

HIPAA Front Desk Risk Assessment Checklist

There is a very real possibility that your front desk is a hotbed of HIPAA violations. And the only reason you haven’t been hit with a massive penalty is that you haven’t been caught. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

No-Show Free Policy Templates: Get Your Patients to Comply

Getting your patients to comply with your no-show policy is sometimes easier said than done. However, there are specific elements of your policy that can significantly help boost patient compliance.

Check Up on Your Notice of Privacy Practices HIPAA Compliance

Don’t make the mistake of taking your Notice of Privacy Practices lightly. Sure it may seem just like an extra piece of paperwork – that typically gets thrown away – but HIPAA has very specific rules you must comply with.

2022 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code Changes Excel® Tool

The 2022 ICD-10-CM code updates contain over 200 changes (159 additions, 25 deleted, 27 revised codes). Download your free chapter-by-chapter breakdown of the 2022 diagnosis code changes to speed your transition.

Info Sheet
COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate by State for Healthcare Workers

Deciding whether to require your staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19 may not be your choice. It is important that you keep up on your state vaccination requirements and deadlines to ensure your compliance …

HHS Reporting Q&A: Keep More of Your Provider Relief Fund Money

This 17-page guide provides you with answers to your most vexing HHS Provider Relief Fund Reporting Portal questions from healthcare attorney, Amanda L. Waesch, Esq.  Keep more of the Provider Relief money you received.

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Employee Personality Differences: Reduce Drama, Improve Productivity

You CAN have a smoother, happier, more productive practice. The answer lies with being able to determine and benefit from how your personality and the personality differences of your staff and providers interact.

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Comply with COVID-19 Rules While Getting Back to Normal

Now that the pandemic is waning, and your life is slowly transitioning back to normal (albeit a new normal), your practice is faced with a slew of COVID-19-related challenges you could have never prepared for.

Credentialing Tool to Track Moving Parts: Excel Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel is an excellent spreadsheet application that you can use to track your physician data. With a spreadsheet you can easily sort and filter the data to analyze it in different ways, track provider credentialing status, and highlight important dates and completion status. Download the Credentialing Tool to Track Moving Parts: Excel Spreadsheet now.

Transitional Care Management: Free Documentation Template

You can boost your overall revenue by 2% but you must comply with detailed Medicare regulations for TCM CPT codes 99495 and 99496. This is where proper documentation of all post-discharge communications, visits and services provided is KEY – and that’s where this Complimentary TCM Template can help …

Infographic and Checklist
Front Desk Phone Etiquette Skills: Improve Your Patient Service Fast

Providing poor service (including over the phone) is one of the quickest ways for you to lose patients. A recent study indicated that almost 89% of patients will leave a practice after just two poor service experiences. So, your chances to get it right are very limited.

Surviving an Active Shooter Event at Your Practice

Being prepared and knowing how to respond to an active shooter event at your practice is the key to survival—and survival is no accident. There are very specific preparations and actions you can take to prepare your employees and keep both your staff and patients safe.

Cheat Sheet
Credentialing & Enrollment Acronym & Terminology Cheat Sheet

Keeping your provider’s credentialing and enrollment up-to-date and accurate can be a huge time drain. Even the smallest error can have dire consequences to your provider’s reimbursement. A key to getting it right is mastering the numerous acronyms, their definitions and associated websites.

Decision Tree
Modifier 25 Simplified: Get Paid for More of the E/M Services You Provide

Modifier 25 continues to be one of the most confusing and difficult modifiers to use correctly. It’s also one of the most important, when it comes to you getting paid more of what you deserve for the E/M services you provide.

Cheat Sheet
MDM Made Easy: 2021 E/M Quick Reference Tool

In 2021, how you calculate your E/M level has been uprooted. You can either track time to help you choose the correct code, or determine the Medical Decision Making (MDM) Element level. And while time-based coding is more straightforward, you’ll be cheating yourself out of higher-level visits (and their reimbursement) if you rely on time alone.

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Overcome Staff Hiring & Retention Challenges During COVID-19

Let’s face it, COVID-19 has made hiring and retaining staff for your practice harder than EVER. These are not normal times. Stress is at an all-time high for everyone. It’s easy for employees to allow the negativity of the pandemic to seep into your office.

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Template: Avoid Violations and Lawsuits

While you and your staff want to promote COVID-19 prevention with vaccinations, you’ve got a lot of concerns about if and how you can require them. Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies violate federal laws. Employee policies must include specific language that protects employees and practices from costly lawsuits.

2021 Balanced Billing Checklist: Prevent Costly Errors and Fines

Constantly changing rules and requirements make it next to impossible to know when you can and can’t write off funds, waive co-pays or how to adhere – or not – to your in and out-of-network obligations.

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Prevent Medical Record Theft and Six-Figure Penalties

FBI November Alert: Medical record cyberattacks skyrocketed last month in the US, and your practice could be next. When hit, you’ll lose access to your medical records for approximately 15 days, and the average ransom demand is $111,000.

Cheat Sheet
CPT 2021 Cheat Sheet: Conquer New E/M Time-Based Billing Rule

Starting January 1, failing to use time to select your E/M codes will leave thousands of dollars on the table. With CPT 2021 code changes, you can select your office/outpatient E/M code (99201-99215) based only on the length of the visit.

Protect Your Telehealth Pay With Proven Audit Checklist

With COVID-19 telemedicine rules shifting irregularly and contradictory explanations, making a misstep on reporting your telehealth services is really easy. But you can’t afford to wait any longer to take a hard look at your coding and billing guidelines.

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Boost Practice Success with COVID-19 Practical Game Plan

With school openings, influenza coming, and coronavirus vaccine glimpses, your practice has a lot to handle during the Autumn months and into 2021. Planning your best approach and encouraging your employees to stay strong through the fall is even TOUGHER than usual.

Decision Grid
Prevent OSHA Fines, Pinpoint the Protective Gear Your Staff Needs

Your front desk and back end staff have totally different exposure risks than your technicians and providers. So there’s no need to make them all wear the same gear to protect them from COVID-19 – and your practice from fines and lawsuits if you know how.

COVID-19 Employee: Accurately Respond with Intake Template

Bottom Line: You are required to immediately record and file your employee’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis to comply with new State and Federal employment rules – and this template guides you step-by-step through the required intake and reporting stipulations.

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Protect Your Practice with Proven COVID-19 Infection Control Protocols

Implementing the WRONG COVID-19 practice disinfection protocols can leave your patients and staff unprotected and your finances depleted. But there are proven actions that will protect your practice.

Avert Lawsuit When Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

Your protocols must protect your practice’s safety in the increasingly probable event that an employee tests positive for the coronavirus. But you must NOT infringe on multiple federal and state laws – or you could end up battling an expensive legal claim.

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Practical Solutions to Boost Employee Performance During COVID-19

With COVID-19 workplace disruptions and changes, your employees are facing more challenges than ever before. This makes managing your staff even TOUGHER than usual.

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Get Your Practice Back to “Normal” Post COVID-19

Your practice has survived what everyone hopes is the worst of the pandemic – so now what? Join Dr. Siddiqui and Mr. Dahl to get proven strategies to ramp up your practice successfully.

Stop COVID-19 Spread at Your Practice, Experts Tell You How

To make infection control easier, safer and less stressful for you, your staff and your patients use the expert strategies provided in this handy COVID-19 Protection and Disinfection Checklist.

Telemedicine Coding COVID-19 eGuide

With the COVID-19 outbreak, your practice’s success now depends on your ability to successfully bill and be paid for telemedicine services. If you don’t know where to begin, are holding claims or delaying implementing telemedicine services for fear of a post-emergency audit and penalties STOP RIGHT NOW.

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Expert Strategies to Help Your Practice Survive COVID-19

You are not in this alone. Join Dr. Siddiqui and Mr. Dahl for a no-cost online training where you’ll receive step-by-step expert advice to help you overcome the unprecedented challenges your practice is currently facing during this pandemic.

Boost Your Tele-Services with Consent Letter and Checklist

You can better explain your remote service offerings to your patients and expedite their participation in telehealth and telephone care by utilizing this Patient Consent Checklist and providing them with a Telemedicine Services Consent letter.

Prepare Your Practice to Combat COVID-19 with Safety Checklist

Revamp your communications and practice space to prevent patients from infecting other patients and staff. Use this Practice Prep Checklist to arm your staff—and patients—to safely run your practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Head Off Coronavirus Chaos at Your Practice

During this can’t-miss online training, Dr. Siddiqui and Mr. Dahl will provide you with practice-specific strategies you can implement to survive the day-to-day challenges associated with COVID-19.

Flow Chart
4 Answers Support Payment for Vaping Related Claims

Due to the epidemic of vaping related injuries and deaths, two agencies have released ICD-10-CM coding rules. Audits are finding you’re miscoding and omitting required codes. This can cost you delayed, unpaid and unsupported claims.

How to Identify a Service Animal at Your Practice

Before you kick out an animal and risk a $75,000 ADA violation, have front desk staff take two steps. Give them this infographic so they’re ready for the next dog, horse, snake, or parrot that comes in your door.

Excel Calculator
Patient No-Show Calculator

Find out if the amount you’re losing on patient no-shows warrants your 2020 focus. Download this user-friendly No-Show Calculator tool, and simply enter your scheduling details to find out the impact they are having on your practice.

2020 Provider Enrollment eGuide

This user-friendly eGuide includes expert advice focusing on terminology you must know and understand, frequently asked questions and answers to the most common and complex scenarios you will encounter, and an application process checklist and flowchart that will allow you to outline and organize your processes every step of the way.

Sample Mobile Device Policy for Acceptable Use

Protect your practice with this Sample Mobile Device Policy for Acceptable Use template. You’ll prevent hefty HIPAA violations and fines that could result from the inappropriate use of mobile devices and unsuspected breaches.

Modifier 59 Denial Appeal Letter

This ready-to-go template to appeal modifier 59 denials will save you valuable time. Just copy and paste into a Word file, add the pertinent details, official guidelines and documentation – and your claim appeal can be out the door in less time than you ever imagined.

Modifier 25 Denial Appeal Letter

This ready-to-go template to appeal modifier 25 denials will save you valuable time. Just copy and paste into a Word file, add the pertinent details, official guidelines and documentation – and your claim appeal can be out the door in less time than you ever imagined.

Front Desk Impressions

Your front desk is the main reason patients leave your practice. Equip your front desk staff with the proven strategies found in this exclusive, printer-ready infographic today to ensure your patients don’t walk out the door for good.

Flow Chart
Incident-to Decision Tree

In one quick and easy flow chart, you’ll be able to determine if a claim should be filed incident-to or not. You’ll gain confidence in your NPP coding, and should see your NPP reimbursement boost and your denials decline.

HIPAA Compliant Employee Termination

Did you know that employees no longer with your practice are a significant driver of government HIPAA complaints, audits and penalties? One way to mitigate your risk from terminated employees, whether they left voluntarily or because you had to fire them, is to institute a termination checklist.

Fire a Patient the Right Way

Incorrectly ending a physician-patient relationship can trigger costly patient abandonment consequences (in both time and money). But, with a little help, you CAN end a patient relationship without the worry of getting accused of wrongdoing, dealing with financial penalties and the stress of defending your actions. Follow these 10 expert steps and protect yourself and your practice today.