COVID-19 Co-Pay Waivers End

COVID Cost-Sharing Waivers: Restart Co-Pays or Lose Thousands

When the CMS and private payers COVID-19 cost-sharing waivers expire in the next weeks and months, it’s imperative that you restart collecting deductibles and copays. If you fail to update your billing policies, you’ll leave thousands of dollars on the table – and you could even violate claims and kickback laws. Since Medicare and most […]
OSHA COVID-19 recording requirements 201014HRS-OSHA

4 Steps Prevent OSHA COVID-19 Recording Violation

OSHA recently announced that its officers will investigate your non-work-related records of employees that have COVID-19. But determining the cause of the illness is really tricky, and there’s a lot at stake. Do it wrong, and you could get hit with a costly employee safety penalty. It’s up to you to steer clear of OSHA […]
CPT Code 99072 COVID PPE

Get Paid for Coronavirus Prevention – New Code Notification

Your cry that COVID-19 is costing you time and money has been heard. Now, you could be compensated for the extra expense that your practice spends on creating a safe environment for your patients and staff. Recently, the AMA created new CPT code 99072 to reimburse you under these circumstances. Below, find out exactly how […]
COVID PTO Employee Discharge

COVID Leave: Check This Before Discharging Employee

QUESTION: A staff member has been off for more than a total of 12 weeks. She has been providing doctor’s notes that state due to her health conditions she should not report to work due to COVID-19. She was paid for 12 weeks and now is being paid from her PTO. How much more flexible can we […]
FFCRA compensation obligations

5 Steps Pinpoint Your FFCRA Compensation Obligations

QUESTION: We are trying to figure out when and if we need to pay employees who are unable to come to work due to coronavirus related childcare and school issues. While we want to be compassionate and understand the challenges staff are facing, it’s very hard for us to operate when too many employees are […]
COVID-19 PPE Requirements

3 Steps to Determine COVID-19 PPE Requirements for your Practice

QUESTION: We are very confused about which COVID-19 PPE requirements our practice should follow. We are an ophthalmology practice, and we don’t allow symptomatic patients to come in. Should we still mandate that some or all of our staff wear masks? How about our front desk staff that just check patients in and out? Question […]

Fed DOL Ruling: 4 Changes You May Need to Make to Your FFCRA Policies

A federal judge just invalidated some key elements of the Department of Labor’s (DOL) interpretation of the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act (FFRCA), including concluding that the DOL’s interpretation of ‘health care providers’ is too broad. While the ruling doesn’t yet apply nationally, you should be prepared for your local government to consider the judgments. […]
Refuse mask ADA

Stop Legal Nightmares When Your Staff Confront Face Mask Refusals

The sad reality is your front desk employees are being forced to police your patients’ compliance with local, federal, as well as your own face mask mandates. Arm your staff with the tools they need to be polite, uphold employment law, all while not violating the patient’s ADA rights. This guide walks you and your […]
COVID-19 Employee Screening

Prevent Havoc from COVID-19 Employee Screening Violation

Screening your employees for coronavirus is a ticking time bomb. Require too much from employees and your demands could trigger a complaint and even a lawsuit. Ask too little and the safety of your patients and staff are at risk. Cut through the confusion of how to screen your employees so your policies best diffuse […]
Face Mask Policy

3 Face Mask Policy Don’ts That Protect Your Office

While most of your employees and patients will readily comply with face mask mandates, there are always exceptions. Having the right policy in place will help you properly handle refusals and keep your practice safe. Face mask policy. Avoid these face mask responses at all costs to stop charges of violating an employee, local, or […]